Note To Self…

The Iced Mocha shake flavor is yucky. Like, it didn’t smell bad, but it was the consistency of watered down milk with a slight coffee flavor. I mean, I get that it’s mixed with water, so it is what it is, but….




3 responses

    • Mixing the Iced Mocha with the Chocolate (1 scoop of each) makes it more palatable. Still not something I’d want to drink every day, but not bad for a change up every now and again. So far though, the Chocolate one seems to be my “go to” – like that’s any surprise. XD


    • The Iced Mocha mixed with Vanilla isn’t bad either. Also tried the Banana mixed with Chocolate, and that one – the banana flavor kind of overpowers the chocolate, so there’s not a huge point in mixing them.


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