Weekly Weigh-In: Week 37

Week 37 Current Weight: 285

Pounds Lost This Week: 0 (gained 1 pound)

Total Weight Lost: 105 pounds

Considering that on December 26th I weighed about 9 pounds heavier than my last weigh-in, I have absolutely no complaints about being up 1 pound this week. I ate all the food… and it was GOOD.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and wishing you a joyous new year!!



Weekly Weigh-In: Week 36

Week 36 Current Weight: 284

Pounds Lost This Week: 4

Total Weight Lost: 106 pounds

As excited as I am, I’m almost positive I’m going to gain back at least a few this coming week. Not that we are having a giant Christmas dinner or anything, but still won’t be counting much either for a day or two. But that’s ok. Anyways… Have a marvelous holiday!!!


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 35

Week 35 Current Weight: 288

Pounds Lost This Week: 3

Total Weight Lost: 102 pounds

Despite struggling mightily the last couple weeks, I have officially dropped just over 100 pounds since April!!! Honestly, I’m surprised I’m doing as well as I am, because my food choices the last few weeks (since Thanksgiving) haven’t been all that great, and I’ve been over calories quite a bit (hubby bought another box of Krispy Kreme – what was I supposed to do!!?), but I’ve also been adding short workouts at home as well. And, I do mean short – less than 10 minutes for now, but it’s extra movement, which hopefully I can build up to more. So whatever it is that I’m doing, it’s working, so just going to keep trying to make better choices and moving more when I have the extra spoons. Otherwise… celebrating!!

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 34

Week 34 Current Weight: 291

Pounds Lost This Week: 2

Total Weight Lost: 99 pounds

The one on the left is from mid-November, while the one on the right is from December 2016. It’s worth noting that the one on the right, I had to hold my head and the camera at just the right angle to make myself look less fat, while the newer one is taken pretty much straight on. I still can’t believe the differences sometimes.


Things Discovered: Fitness Blender

So, even though I have a gym membership (and even spent several months earlier this year going 3-4 times a week), the fact is I’m fairly apathetic when it comes to exercise. I mean, I’m fat and very out of shape, so working out in front of others is not a pleasant experience (for any of us). I was swimming mostly (when I was going to my gym), but me and chlorinated water don’t mix well – my hair looked awful and my skin broke out so bad you’d have thought I was going through puberty again. My face still hasn’t forgiven me.¬†Other exercises are sort of hit or miss, I mean, I actually like doing the treadmill thing – it’s mindless and you can watch videos or read to pass the time… what’s not to love. However, I have chronic insertional achilles tendinitis and bursitis in both feet/ankles, which makes anything that involves standing or walking for long periods of time mildly uncomfortable on the best of days and down-right excruciating on the worst. So as much as I’d like to do something to increase my fitness level, I’m a bit limited (which is why the swimming was great – until it wasn’t).

This week, since I’ve been struggling with staying under my calorie goals, I really wanted to try to pick up something that would at least burn a couple extra calories (that way it wouldn’t be so bad if I ate an extra bite or two). So I loaded up YouTube to look at low-impact, super easy, beginner cardio videos, which led me to the Fitness Blender channel. In particular, the “Calorie Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout for Beginners” and “Fat Burning Low Impact Cardio Workout at Home” vids, which are still a bit above my current fitness level (I. AM. SO. OUT. OF. SHAPE.), but both contain really simple exercises and I know given everyday use, these are ones that I can do easily here at home in less than 30 minutes. Neither burn a ton of calories (maybe 100-200 depending on one’s workout intensity), but the potential is there to do these more than once a day, especially once I get to a point where I don’t feel like I’m dying just doing the first round (ok… it’s not quite that bad, but not so much that I’m ready to go again just yet). They also have a website, which I haven’t had a chance to look at much, but others might find useful.

Anyways, the point of all my ramblings is that if I can workout, so you can you. Even if we look utterly ridiculous in the beginning (I know I do) or can barely lift your legs (this is also me) or some of the exercises we just can’t do yet – the goal is to keep working at it. Do what we can and just move in place for the parts that we aren’t quite ready for. The point is to just keep moving. One day we’ll wake up and realize that we aren’t struggling as much as we used to, and with a little perseverance we can reach our fitness and weight loss goals.

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 33

Week 33 Current Weight: 293

Pounds Lost This Week: 7

Total Weight Lost: 97 pounds

Gotta love water weight. Woosh on… woosh off. Honestly though, I’m surprised I dropped as much as I did. I did not have a very good week. I mean, I ate less than I did last week, but I was over calories almost every day. Winter is hard for me – being cold makes me want to eat. I’m not stressing over it though, just going to do the best I can. Holidays are tough anyways, so if I can get through this month without gaining a ton, that, in and of itself, will be the true Christmas miracle. XD