Weekly Weigh-In: Week 19

Week 19: 319

Weight Lost This Week: 2

Total Weight Lost: 71 pounds

I was a bit of a struggle this week, as it’s that time of the month (sorry for the TMI), but managed to make it through without going too crazy. Definitely feeling the extra carbs though – very puffy and achy.


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 17

Week 17: 326

Weight Lost This Week: 7

Total Weight Lost: 64 pounds

I know I say this often, but weight loss is weird. I’m not currently exercising – haven’t really had the energy and the weather has had everything aching, and I’m not even being all that exacting on what I’m eating. I mean, I am aiming to stay under 1200, but there are days (like yesterday) when I eat things that I don’t really know the calorie count (hubby made cabbage rolls, but they had a ton of extra cheese in them and probably higher fat ground beef) but somehow it’s all still working out. At least for now.

Definitely not complaining though!! I’ll take what I can get. 🙂


Things Discovered: Simple Mills

So, now that I’m back on track (more or less), I’m continuing the quest for yummy, hopefully somewhat healthier, low carb options. Enter Simple Mills and their line of gluten-free bake mixes.

I ordered the 3-count set, which came with Chocolate Muffin, Artisan Bread, and Chocolate Chip Cookie mixes. Of course, I made the Chocolate Muffins…


They weren’t bad and still warm it was like eating a brownie (which according to the directions you can actually make brownies with this mix so double yay!!). Not super-sweet – more of a dark chocolate flavor, but all-in-all pretty tasty. And at 110 calories* and 14 carbs, it definitely fits into my diet (with a little protein and fiber thrown in as well).

Can’t wait to try the other mixes!! Yum!!

* to make sure that each muffin was as close to the suggested serving as possible I used a one tablespoon scoop and evenly distributed the batter. Each muffin cup took about 3 tablespoons… making a total of 12 muffins.