Weekly Weigh-In: Week 6

Week 6: 356

Weight Lost This Week: 5 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 34 pounds

Had my official 2nd visit with my doctor this week as well (also 356 officially in the chart now). He was very happy with my progress. YAY! This, of course, led to my first official cheat day… in which I ate nachos from Moe’s and had a Triple Chocolate Brownie sundae from DQ. Moe’s wasn’t my first choice, was totally going to nom on copious amounts of breadsticks and pasta from Olive Garden, but the weather was not cooperating with me, so Moe’s it was. But either way, it was OOOOHHHH SOOOO GOOD!!! But now I am fortified and ready for the next month of dieting – though to be fair, my wedding anniversary is in about a week, so I’ll probably be going out to dinner on that day too, but that’s the way it goes sometimes. XD


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 5

Week 5: 361

Weight Lost This Week: 5 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 29 pounds

YAY!! Forward progress again. I was really starting to worry, but guess my body was just adjusting. If I can maintain 3-5 pounds a week, I’ll be happy. Definitely makes it easier to stay the course when I’m seeing results. Though this week, I’ve been having trouble eating again. At least twice I didn’t even make 1000 calories, or barely made it. Of course last night I was way under, but I fell asleep really early (the kiddo had me up at the crack of dawn) and just never got around to eating my evening food. I will try to do better this coming week.

Things Discovered: Great Low Carb Bread Co

On my continued quest for low-carb options, I came across the Great Low Carb Bread Co, and of course, I had to place an order. Obviously, they make bread, but they also make pastas, pizza crusts and other goodies – all right up my alley. I miss my carbs desperately and thankfully the box finally arrived!!! Lucky for you, I spent the next few days trying everything out.

Probably goes without saying, the first thing I tried was the Great Low Carb Low Fat Chocolate Brownie. Brownies are my downfall, I LOVE THEM!!!! Especially, the crunchy outer edges that are slightly overcooked. These, unfortunately, not quite hitting my brownie love sweet spot, but they still aren’t bad if you are having a serious craving.


They are made with stevia and erythritol, which are sugar substitutes, both of which are something of an acquired taste (stevia, in particular, is a lot sweeter than sugar). The plus side though, is that these brownies are low calorie, low fat and low carb – only 55 calories per 2 oz serving size, with only 1.5g fat and 3 net carbs (22g carbs overall, but 10g of fiber and 9g of erythritol are subtracted from that total). Personally, I don’t do the “net carb” thing, so I just count the whole amount, but I also think that the 2oz serving size is a fairly generous portion, and found that eating 1oz was more than enough for me.

Bottom line, I’d probably just make a batch of regular brownies and eat half a serving (or calculate in a whole one on a special day). The taste/consistency is really that important to me. Having said that though, others might not be as picky as I am and find the GLCBC brownie just fine the way it is. Definitely something I’d recommend at least trying once to see if it works for you.


The second thing I did with my order was make a grilled cheese sandwich with my low-carb Plain Bread. Two slices per serving has 60 calories, 3g fat, 8g total carbs (net carbs only 1g), 7g fiber and 7g protein. Grilled cheese is my other go-to comfort food, so of course, I just had to. Again, though this time due to using way less butter than I would normally use, it wasn’t quite up to par with my old-school grilled cheese, but still way better than never eating one ever again. As for the bread itself, definitely a winner!!

Up next was the low-carb Fettuccine. It’s got 100 calories a serving, and though the 25g of carbs seems high, it has 18g of fiber, giving a net carb total of 7g. Plus, it’s got 12g of protein. The 2 oz portion size is quite generous, and honestly, I will probably drop it to 1.5 oz or even 1 oz in the future. But for review purposes, I ate the whole thing with a bit of alfredo sauce and it was YUMMY!!! So yummy in fact, that I forgot to take a pic of it before I ate it all. XD

I still have the pizza crust to check out, but I’ll probably save that for a bit later. Until then, enjoy!! 🙂

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 4

Week 4: 366

Weight Lost This Week: 0 (gained 2)

Total Weight Lost: 24 pounds

Super frustrated. Still eating between 1000 and 1200 calories a day, 75 carbs or less and high protein, and not only didn’t I lose anything, but I gained. I swear… my body hates me. It’s really hard to stay motivated when there aren’t any results to show for it.

Only positive – I do think I’m losing inches. But not losing is bumming me out. I mean, I knew that the rate of loss would slow, but I was still expecting at least 2-3 pounds a week (maybe even 5) being on such a restricted diet. Hopefully, it will pick back up, but so far, the scale seems stuck at 366-367 (literally been up since later in the afternoon after the last weigh-in).