Weekly Weigh-In: Week 24

Week 24 Current Weight: 311

Pounds Lost This Week: 2

Total Weight Lost: 79 pounds

Downwards again…  YAY!!

I’m going to try really hard this week to stay a bit under my calorie goal (1200 a day), only because the kiddo is getting married next weekend and I will have too much else on my plate to be worrying too much about counting calories, etc… Might as well try to mitigate the damage beforehand.


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 23

Week 23 Current Weight: 313

Pounds Lost This Week: 0 (gained 1 pound)

Total Weight Lost: 77 pounds

I was going to wait until tomorrow to do my weigh-in, because I’ve been having issues with constipation this week (sorry for the TMI), but since it’s only a pound I decided not to worry too much about it. Hopefully, things will work themselves out soon. It sucks though, because I stuck to my calorie goals all week, so I should have lost – but no… I’m just full of shit (as usual XD).


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 22

Week 22 Current Weight: 312

Pounds Lost This Week: 0 (gained 1 pound)

Total Weight Lost: 78 pounds

Well… gaining something was not unexpected, given that last week’s drop was due almost entirely to being so sick with worry that I could barely eat. And honestly, one pound isn’t bad. But I am slightly frustrated because I really shouldn’t have even gained that. I mean, yes I did eat over 3 times this week (2 days were only slightly like 100-200 calories, though the other was a doozy of about 1000 calories), however the other 3 days I was under. Not only that, but generally, my daily goal of 1200 is well under than what most sites say I could be eating and still losing weight (like I should be able to eat 1500 and still be fine) – not to mention I never eat back my “exercise” calories, so I should always have a cushion. So why is it that every time I eat over I immediately gain? It doesn’t entirely make sense sometimes.

But, it’s just a pound, so it’s not horrible. Just weird.


Weekly Weigh-In: Week 21

Week 21 Current Weight: 311

Pounds Lost This Week: 5

Total Weight Lost: 79 pounds

This week’s weight loss is brought to you by large amounts of stress and anxiety. On the positive side, if this keeps up I can totally make my mini-goal of being under 300 pounds by the time my son’s wedding comes around the beginning of October.

Seriously though, this week is rough for a lot of people and here’s hoping we all stay safe and are minimally impacted (or better yet, not impacted at all) by all this crazy stuff.