Weekly Weigh-In: Week 50

Week 50 Current Weight: 269

Pounds Lost This Week: 0

Total Weight Lost: 121 pounds

Getting really frustrated with the way this whole year is going. I know I’m not being as strict with my food, but I even increased my exercise this week. So between my really low daily goal (which is well under my TDEE) and the extra workouts I should easily be losing at least a pound a week (if not more). But no… I have to struggle to drop a pound and I didn’t even manage to do that this week.

I am in a lot better shape than I was at the beginning of the year, thanks to the gym challenge, so there’s that. But weight-wise I feel like I’m wading through molasses. I mean, technically, I’m down 16 pounds since December 29th (so about 5 pounds a month). Which isn’t actually bad, but it’s soooooo slow compared to last year. And considering I still need to lose over 100 pounds, things should be moving at a bit faster rate (at least at this point). But I know, it’s not a race. Still…


Things Discovered: Healthy Wage

So apparently there is an app/website, HealthyWage, that you can use to essentially bet on your weight loss goals. You pay a fee (either monthly installments or all at once, whichever works for you), which is basically your bet. If you meet your goal (minimum time frame is 6 months) you not only get the amount you bet back, but an additional percentage as well (exact amount depends on your goals and the amount of time you are aiming for).

I came across the site via my local news, so there’s at least some hope that it’s on the up and up. But I need all the motivation I can get, so figured I’d try it out. My goal is to lose at least 30 pounds within the next 6 months. That’s slightly over a pound a week, but given how things tracking over the last few months, that should be doable without risking total failure.


Anyone that wants to join me is welcome to do so (referral linky nets you and your friends an extra bonus $$ amount). You can also create/join team challenges which can boost your potential winnings as well.

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 49

Week 49 Current Weight: 269

Pounds Lost This Week: 1

Total Weight Lost: 121 pounds

I sound like a broken record, but weight loss is weird. I went to bed really late last night (after 2am) and for funsies I weighed myself right before I went to bed and was at like 272. But when I did my morning “official” weigh in (around 9a), I was 3 pounds less. I’m always heavier in the evenings, so that’s not really the weird part of it. It’s just that – it’s strange the difference in such a short period of time. Oh well… definitely not complaining.

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 48

Week 48 Current Weight: 270

Pounds Lost This Week: 1

Total Weight Lost: 120 pounds

Given that I spent most of last week feeling like I was starving to death, I purposefully ate way over last Friday and Saturday, which by Sunday had me up about 9 pounds. Mostly water weight, but still, it really sucked. So I’m pretty happy to have ended the week down a pound. But, I feel like I had to totally fight for it – given that I shouldn’t have even gained that much in the first place.

Things Discovered: Chick-fil-a Market Salad

I like salad, generally smothered in blue cheese dressing of some sort (though not lately, of course), but salad is totally my thing. My go-to for most of last summer was the Caesar Salad Kit with Greek Yogurt Dressing from Fresh Express which, if you ate the whole bag and tossed some grilled chicken on top, was only about 350 calories (21g carbs, 16g fat, 35g protein, and 6g fiber). But after eating it fairly regularly for months on end, as good as it is, I’m pretty burned out on it (at least for a bit). Which is good that Chick-fil-a just introduced some new salad choices.


Normally, I don’t eat fast food salads. Despite being promoted as “healthy” they often have a lot of extra junk on them and are pretty high calorie, but the new Market Salad doesn’t seem too bad, and really is just like having a mini fruit and salad buffet. It has some blue cheese on it (great selling point!!), and grilled chicken, but then also has strawberries, blue berries and apples. Which honestly, at first, I was like eww… but once I realized that I could pick out the fruit and eat it first, then eat the rest of the salad, it was apparent that this was really a wonderful meal choice. It also comes with small packs of a raisin/nut blend and granola for additional toppings (each pack was about 60/70 calories), but if that doesn’t appeal to you in salad form (#it me), then these make a lovely “dessert.”

Before choosing a dressing (which their Light Italian only has about 25 calories), the salad comes in at about 330 calories (27g carbs, 27g fat, and 27g protein), and that’s including the nuts and granola toppings so if you doesn’t add those, it has even less calories. So all in all, a tasty meal for right around 350 calories. Better yet, it hit all the crunchy, sweet and savory notes that keep me satisfied.