It’s pretty clear to me, that the banana flavored meal replacement shake isn’t as filling as the other flavors (such as the mocha and chocolate that I generally also drink). Like, it has nearly the same ingredients (other than the flavorings), but for whatever reason, when I drink the banana ones, I spend the rest of the day starving, whereas, with the others I don’t feel the constant need to fill my belly. So… no more banana. Or at least not to start the day with.

Note to Self: Revisited

In my original post, I noted how awful certain flavors of my meal replacement shake tasted. Upon reflection, I think that it was more that my taste buds were so used to super-sweet flavoring in everything, that they rejected the not as sweet flavors as being “gross.” I say this, because I’ve noticed this week that most of the shakes, even the ones I mix (the Iced Mocha and Vanilla, in particular) don’t taste as bad, and the chocolate one, which has been my “go to” for most days, actually tastes like chocolate milk (which it didn’t really, in the beginning).

Makes me wonder what other food flavors we are missing out by adding so much sugar to things, or even the non-sugary stuff we eat, our taste buds are so over saturated that it changes the way things taste, in general.