Weekly Weigh-In: Week 32

Week 32 Current Weight: 300

Pounds Lost This Week: 0 (gained 9)

Total Weight Lost: 90 pounds

I knew this week was going to be bad. I mean, not only Thanksgiving, but my dad was in town and honestly, I felt like I was starving all week – so I made a ton of bad food choices and was over my daily goals pretty much every day. But still… with couple of exceptions, I was under 2000 calories a day most of the week, so 9 pounds seems like an excessive amount to gain back. I know it’s mostly water weight and will probably drop back off once I get back on track, but that doesn’t make me feel much better at the moment.


Dropping It

So seriously, I never (well almost never) shop for clothes when I’m at brick and mortar retailers because they rarely have ever had anything in my size, but I had some extra Kohl’s cash since hubby needed a bunch of new stuff the other day, so I figured I’d look (and if nothing else I’d pick him or the kids up something else). Well, if I ever needed proof and further motivation that I am really doing this thing… this is it. I found a dress in a 2X that fit me. That is 4-5 sizes smaller than what I was wearing when I started this crazy journey back in April. For realzies, I have shorts that are men’s “king size” 7X and shirts that are 6X, and I. JUST. FOUND. A. 2X. THAT. FITS. Comfortably even. And it was on clearance!!! Can’t beat that. XD

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 30

Week 30 Current Weight: 295

Pounds Lost This Week: 1

Total Weight Lost: 95 pounds

I struggled a bit this week (lots of carbs), and had several days where I was over my calorie goals – not by a lot (usually within 200-300 calories), but still not surprising that I didn’t lose that much. When I weighed myself yesterday morning I was at 294, but then hubby made this awesome dinner and between the salt and extra helping of mashed potatoes it was enough to bump me back up. Also that time of the month (yay for being irregular), so that doesn’t help either.

But overall it’s good and I went out and bought a ton of raw veggies to try to help keep me on track, so that when I’m craving food, I can eat something healthier, rather than reaching for the Brownie Brittle (which OMG… is so good). Really, if I could get hubby to stop buying bread and snacks, it would make my life so much easier. XD

Weekly Weigh-In: Week 29

Week 29 Current Weight: 296

Pounds Lost This Week: 3

Total Weight Lost: 94 pounds

I’m really surprised that I lost 3 pounds considering that I ate a ton of crap this week. I mean, Sunday I did the food truck thing and ate more than double my daily calories and the day after I was over by a couple hundred as well. Even on the days I was at/under, I didn’t eat very well. So was not really expecting much. Weight loss is weird.