In The Beginning…

So for years I’ve seen images of the stereotypical “fat person”, the one that sits down to eat, and consumes entire pizzas, cakes, twinkies, etc… I’d always sort of shake my head, because I wasn’t like that, so I didn’t quite understand how come I looked like they did.

As someone who has studied a variety of Natural Health and Wellness topics, including nutrition, I’m well aware of what sorts of foods to stay away from, and I definitely don’t keep a lot of junk in the house as a rule. Yet I still manage to pack on the pounds over the years.

Over the last 2 days I’ve been trying to track what I’ve been eating, and it’s clear so far that in and of itself it’s not so much what I’m eating – the truth is I can go most of the day without eating anything (which really isn’t good either). However when I do eat, I tend to eat a lot more of it than I should. The good news is that it’s not stuff that is inherently bad for you, but even Honey Nut Cheerios when you eat the equivalent of 3 bowls worth at a time, probably isn’t the best thing to do.

Still that was only about 550 calories of my daily “recommended” 2000, but I’m pretty sure I killed the entire rest of it when I ate a huge pile of tuna casserole. Which again, isn’t inherently unhealthy – I tend to make it from scratch, so I know what all’s in it. But eating ginormous portions, does not equal weight loss. So obviously, I need to work on eating more often, so that I’m not starving by the time I actually see food, and making sure that I cut down on my portion sizes.

Even so, I think I still managed to only go over my daily limit by about 300-400 calories, so that wouldn’t be so bad, if I’d actually managed to get any exercise in. However “thing I need to work on # 2” is getting off my ass. It’s a vicious circle really, because right now I’m always exhausted, but if I exercised regularly, I’d probably feel a lot better, and have more energy to exercise. Just need to get it going.

Today (as long as I don’t eat anything else tonight), I actually came in under my limit by about 40 calories. Even considering that I had a small caramel frappe from McDonald’s (yes… it’s a weakness, I know).  Still no real exercise though. I keep thinking that there will be a day/time, when I’ve not got a million other things to do, but clearly that’s not ever going to happen.

Think my next goal will be to find some motivation!


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