OK… So Sue Me!!

Clearly it’s been a lot longer than I thought it would be. Which really shouldn’t be all that surprising given that I’m a known procrastinator. However I had made a promise to myself that I would get this done by today, so that’s what I’m doing, so ready or not… here I come!

Not entirely sure what sort of format I will end up following, but in general I’m a firm believer that if a person makes healthy food choices, and then makes sure to get enough exercise to burn off more calories than they are taking in, then the weight should (in theory) come right off. So that’s going to be my starting point. I think my main issue at this point is the exercise thing, and I’m really hoping that just getting off my ass (for more than a few minutes at a time) will make a big difference.

So…appropriately on the Spring Equinox, I will officially start on my path to righting the balance within myself. I will weigh in at least once a month to update my progress, and in between will share some tips, recipes, exercises, etc… that I find helpful along the way. A couple of sites that you might want to check out, which are likely going to be staples of meeting my exercise goals are and .

GAIN Fitness is a great little site (and app if you have the appropriate devices), where you can plan workouts to do around the house with little to no equipment necessary. Fitocracy, which possibly is still in beta, so if you need an invite code let me know – is a site where you and your friends can challenge yourself and your friends for that much needed extra boost of motivation. It’s a lot easier to do a pile of sit-ups when it’s part of a bit of friendly competition, than it is by yourself. I am also checking out which does calorie tracking, tracks goals, gives exercises, and a ton of other little things to hopefully make dieting a snap!! (yes… it will be that easy!!! LOL) There is an associated app as well, which thankfully likes my Kindle Fire, so that is a PLUS!! Definitely be sure to check them all out.

Starting Point

I am a female, currently 37 years old. I am 5’6″ and the weight on the scale today was 375 pounds. (I told you it was bad!!) My current goal is to loose 100 pounds. I know that realistically I need to lose about double that, but I think having a more manageable goal to start out is better. I can always change it later, when necessary.


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