Cheat Week

I’m a bit off the wagon this week. I had a planned cheat day on the 3rd – my 22nd wedding anniversary – and to be fair, I did most definitely enjoy my trip to The Melting Pot. However, my youngest also developed a UTI and so we also spent most of that day (other than dinner) at the urgent care and then later the ER. So lots of stress and of course, that leads to wanting to eat comfort foods.

The mistake that I made, was buying a box of donuts (Entenmann’s Frosted Devil’s Food Donuts). Thankfully, there are only 8 of them, so they will be gone soon – but in the meantime, it’s clear I can’t resist them. I mean, they are my favorite ones, so I should have known I couldn’t just eat one and let it go. With the stress and accompanying exhaustion of taking care of an ill kiddo, I’m not exercising like I was last week either, so more calories + less exercise makes for not losing weight.

I feel bummed about it, but I’m also not going to beat myself up about it. I know this is just a bump in the road – I have no intention of quitting my diet. I’ve made too much progress to throw it all away now. Still… sucks that can’t find a better way to deal with stress.



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