Weekly Weigh-In: Week 13

Week 13: 336

Weight Lost This Week: 3 pounds

Total Weight Lost: 54 pounds

Weight loss is so weird. Anyhoo… I actually weighed in on Thursday this week, because I’ll be technically out of town most of Friday – only going about 20 minutes down the road, but didn’t want to have to mess with traffic and parking so we got a hotel (might as well take a mini-vacay when I can. LOL).

#RaleighSuperCon FTW!! Hubby wants to meet Michael Rooker and Jason Mews, so off we go. It goes without saying that I probably won’t be eating all that well Thursday night and Friday, but at least this way I’ll know where I was and can better judge the damage. Will try not to go too overboard though. XD



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